Licorice Allsorts

Lightroom (IMG_0204.JPG and 8 others)

My Licorice Allsorts paintings have been a favourite this year, for me and for my customers too. I sold so many of my first batch that I figured I’d better paint some more. I really enjoyed painting these. I did them while camping with our homeschool friends. There’s nothing I like more than sitting surrounded by lovely people, while still getting to be aborbed in my own thing rather than socialising. So they’d chat, and I’d layer on paint, and everything felt right with the world.

Do you like my new stamp? Bubbles girl. I wasn’t sure when I’d first carved her. I didn’t use her on anything for ages. But I figured I’d introduce her to the world with these licorice paintings and suddenly I fell in love with her. She’s my favourite right now, along with Icecream hair girl (the middle one).

Which is your favourite?

BTW these pieces aren’t available online – you can get them at the Kris Kringle market at Northcote Town Hall on Thursday nights until Christmas, or you can come to my Open Studio Exhibition on 20th December.

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