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People, I’d like to introduce you all to Michelle (Mi), my fabulous admin assistant, who handles all things computer and technical for me. You know I’ve got a gorgeous new website, online shop and blog? That was Mi’s work. She’s the one who lists all my paintings online, and she makes my life easier by uploading my Auslan videos for me too. It means I can spend a lot less time on the computer and more time in my beloved studio, making.

Since Mi started working for me, once of the nicest things has been a sense of getting to share my business with her. Like me, she gets excited when someone buys one of my paintings, and she’s always having little ideas for me to help make my cyberlife better. For instance, she suggested I list a bunch of my artworks in my shop as prints, to make it easy for people to find and buy them. Nice one. She’s also incredibly sweet and I love chatting with her while we work.

I asked her if there was something she’d like to say when I introduced her to all of you, and she responded with:

“Working with you, Asphyxia, is the most interesting experience that I have. You listen to me, encourage me, forgive my mistakes, inspire me by the way you live… I have matured so much since I work with you. There is no “your business, your work, your life”, we say “ours”. I really appriciate our time together. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do some tasks but I did it because of you. The biggest thing that I learnt from working with you is that ‘You have to think that you can, so you can.'”

Aint that just so sweet? See how lucky I am to have her working with me?

Anyway, please welcome Mi, and feel free to thank her for all the stuff she’s done, like making my super-ace website and getting those Auslan videos up here on Facebook, YouTube, my blog, and making sure everyone who subscribes to the course gets their lessons on time.

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