Learn Auslan – Colours

Learn how to sign the colours:


• Red
• Blue (sorry, I hesitated after this sign, I was going to sign ‘green’ – my hand movements there are not a proper sign!)
• Yellow
• Green
• Orange (this is also the sign for the fruit, ‘orange’)
• Purple
• Pink
• Black
• White
• Grey
• Gold
• Silver

4 thoughts on “Learn Auslan – Colours

  1. Crysti_Lei

    Thanks for all these. With Silver and Gold, just going by what else I have seen on other videos, One, are they the same movement upwards, and two, is it more of a wiggle or a flick, or does it not matter?


  2. Asphyxia Post author

    Yes, Silver and Gold both use exactly the same movement. I’d say it’s more of a wriggle than a flick.. but truthfully, if you are a beginner signer, it won’t matter. You’ll be understood either way.



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