Be free little bird

Be free little bird - white-2

One of the things I love about my new studio at the Abbotsford Convent is my next-door neighbour, Rona Green. She’s been teaching me lino printing. First she showed me how to print onto paper, then we experimented with changing the settings on her machine to print directly onto my painted plastered fabric. The first few didn’t work too well as we had to fiddle and fiddle to get the settings just right. But then we put this one through, and it popped, just popped. Both Rona and I stood there staring at it, delighted. She’d been about to kick me out, since it was late and we both had to go home. But she gave me a nudge – hey, do a few more. So, thank you little bird, for scoring me some more time in Rona’s studio!

For me birds are about flight, about courage to take a leap and try something new and different and scary.  This painting is for anyone who needs a little nudge to spread their wings and soar.

This piece has been sold.

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