Medicine for the soul

Medicine for the soul-1

Even when we know what we need to do to make our soul sing, why is it so hard to actually DO it? We love writing but don’t make time for it. We love stitching bizarre things but it feels like an indulgence to do it before the work of the day is done. We want to sit in the sun and meditate, or learn to sing or bare our innermost feelings in our journals. And we know if we do it, it will make us happy in our souls. So why don’t we?

I think what often stops us is a sense of indulgence, the idea that we have to do all that we SHOULD do before we can start on what we WANT to do. But shouldn’t our soul get nourished too?

My art journey took off when I accepted that being creative was a necessary part of my week, which if skipped, would leave me cranky and depressed. I started to schedule in my art like a job. I have to wash the dishes. I have to get a layer of paint into my journal. It became medicine for my soul, instead of an indulgence. And now my soul (and creative life) flying, I tell you.

This painting is a reminder that we all need medicine for our souls. Feed it what it needs, now, today. It’s medicine, not an indulgence. Do it.

This piece has been sold.

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