Abstract paintings

We’ve all seen it: a minimalist room in simple colours – maybe shades of grey and white. No clutter, just a few artfully arranged objects in muted shades. And then, on the wall, a HUGE vibrant abstract painting. The job of the painting is to turn the room from bland to interesting. It provides a focal point: colour and dynamics. It radiates energy.

Abstract Experiment-3

I always look at these paintings with a kind of awe. Sometimes they are deceptively simple: primitive and childlike in appearance. And yet, when I’ve tried to paint something similar myself, I realise how very hard it is to capture that innocence, along with a composition that is strong and colours that leap off the wall at you.  Still, I want to try.

It’s a different approach for me. Most of my paintings have a story, and people will connect with them through their personal story intersecting with mine.  But these abstracts, they are purely about the dynamics and energy. Can I really do it?

Abstract Experiment-2

I’ve been drawn to these kinds of paintings for years. I collect them on Pinterest. I don’t paint them myself. But I’m going to try, now. These paintings are my very first focussed attempts. I’m pleased with them because they’re so much better than previous half-hearted dabbles along these lines. But I think I’ve got a way to go yet.

Abstract Experiment-1

What do you think, people? Are there bits that appeal and bits that don’t? What do you look for in these kinds of paintings? Which do you like best in terms of colours etc?

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