The best of friends

Cal & Kat-1

I painted these two paintings for my sister Cal and her friend Kat, as a thank you to Cal for sewing me what is my new favourite summer outfit: my sailor suit. Soft and comfortable and perfect for a hot day, and it still lets me pretend I lived a couple of centuries ago. Perfect.

Sailor suit-2

I found a sailor suit just like this in a flea market in Paris when I was there recently, and I fell in love with it. But it was so stiff and uncomfortable, I couldn’t see myself actually wearing it. So when I came home I bought some soft fabric and altered a pattern to make a garmen that would actually work for me.

Cal & Kat-2

I let Cal choose the details for the paintings. The monkey represents her, shorter and wider, as she described herself, while the standing bird represents Kat, tall and thin. She asked for blues for Kat, since they are her favourite colours, and yellows for herself. I painted them on plastered fabric, ready for Cal and Kat to frame themselves.

Anyway, thanks Cal, for the sailor suit!!

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