Journal Flip Through – Revolution

This is the second of my soft-spine art journals I made myself. It was a vast improvement on the first one, but I was still refining my technique. I put in far too many pages – the book practically exploded from the spine. Now I’ve figured out just the right number of pages per book, and how to tape up the spine so that even if the pages do get too fat, the spine will hold fast.

I still love this journal – I made it at a time I felt I needed a revolution in my life: a long list of problems that needed solving. Early in the journal is my problem chart, along with possible solutions. Throughout the book I kept going back and back to my problems, writing updates about the things I’d tried. And by the time I got to the end, every single problem was under control. I couldn’t have done that process without a journal to keep me on track.

I thought you might enjoy this video flip-through of its pages. If you’d like to learn to make one similar (with my far refined technique), check out my e-course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams.

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