Winter deer

A little peek into what I’ve been working on…

I’ve been taking an online course in using plaster and encaustic together, and I’m really excited about the new techniques I’ve been learning. For those who don’t know, encaustic is a coating of bees wax and resin from the damar tree, which is spread over a painting. It gives a really luscious protective finish to a plaster piece, and adds a kind of luminous depth to the painting.

Here’s a few of the pieces I’ve made with my experiments:

This is my very first encaustic painting, and I’m going to keep it for myself.

Here’s my deer in an icy forest. I just love the dots beneath her, which are made of textured raised plaster.

You are not alone. That’s what this piece makes me feel. Do you like my little girl with icecream hair? I carved her stamp just recently. She’ll be popping up in more of my work. Like the others, this piece is incredibly textured and it feels just beautiful to touch.

This time I’ve gone even further with texture, using the encaustic to affix old book paper (with plastered dots), braid, fabric and a little vintage button. There’s a kind of sheen to this in real life that you can’t see in the photo – it’s rich and vibrant.

I reckon encaustic and I have quite a future ahead of us, so expect to see more encaustic paintings in future.

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