Journal page


Travel Journal 2015-7

Here’s a page in my journal from when I was away. I’ve cut out pics of things I made – crocheted dishcloths, a papier mache deer – and things my friend Jenine made while we were together – that papier mache mouse…

I also painted lots of experiments in colour. The picture on the right is one of my favourites from my paint-play in France. Mostly I sell my artworks, and stick prints in my journal, but I decided to keep this one for me.

By pasting in a photo of everything I’ve made or painted, my journal turns into a kind of folio of my creations and achievements. It’s good for me, when I’m having a down patch and wondering what the hell I’ve done with my life, to flip back and be reminded that actually, I’ve done a lot.

And it’s good when others see those same things, because it springboards conversations. Maybe someday I’ll show this page to someone and they’ll offer to teach me a better way of crocheting dishcloths. Or they’ll commission me to paint something like that little picture on the right. Both these things have happened, over and over, when others see my journal, and it opens up opportunities for me.

I teach how to make and use a journal like this in my course, Make The Book Of Your Dreams – check it out here if you like.

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