There was magic in the water

Magic in the water bird - white-2

When I was in Norway, I was walking through beautiful hills with my friends Ragnhild and Atle. We came to this glorious private rocky beach, which was so picturesque I almost died. On a dare, Atle and I stripped off and ran in, even though it was freezing and felt rather like dipping my body into a bowl of iced water. Ragnhild joined us. And something magic happened there. I can’t describe exactly what it was. But the moment transformed me, washed me clean from the inside, made me new again. And when we emerged there was a new connection between us all too. There really was magic in the water. I’ve posted about that here[URL for blog post] if you want to see photos of the beach.

That’s what this painting is about.. that moment of magic and transformation, being made new again to have a fresh start.

This piece has been sold.

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