Outdoor Bathroom

out door bathroom

Paula has been building us an outdoor bathroom. The idea for this stemmed from our discussions about how to keep cool in summer without constantly resorting to cold showers, which end up using far too much water. We figured that we could leave the hose from our water tank in the sun so that the water warms up a bit (Jesse and I hate ice cold water), then run some into the sink, have a sponge-bath, with the breeze to help us cool down, and at the end simply drain the water into a bucket and chuck it onto the garden. We had a sink we found in someone’s hard rubbish, and Paula mounted it on a bracket, and now she’s planted a couple of boganvillieas to grow up over the arbour. We’ve used it several times already and the bathroom really is very refreshing. And we use so much less water this way.

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