Be free little bird

Be free little bird - aqua -2

I painted a little aqua bird like this as a gift for my friend Suni’s birthday. I loved it so much that I couldn’t resist painting another one.

For me birds are about flight, about courage to take a leap and try something new and different and scary.  This painting is for anyone who needs a little nudge to spread their wings and soar.

And speaking of soaring, now that my studio is all set up and launched, I’m ready for a holiday! Paula, Jesse and I are going to take a road trip in our campervan, Bertha, which you can see here and here.

I’m looking forward to painting by the campfire and collecting pretty stones to paint on. We’ll head off today or tomorrow, and make our way home in a few weeks, in time for the Maker’s Market in Alphington.

This piece has been sold.

One thought on “Be free little bird

  1. Quadrivium

    Random click find. I love this painting. So cute and inspiring. You should to a series of them sold in sets. I’d totally buy some!



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