Front up for your own life – pink

Front up for your own life - pink-5

When I first read the phrase, ‘front up for your own life,’ I wasn’t sure I really wanted to. It was in a book about mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation. But I was thinking, how can my real life compare with my fantasies and dreams?

But actually, I’ve realised I do spend a lot of time rehearsing, rehashing, and stressing unnecessarily, and by having regular times in my day when I ‘front up for my own life’ and be completely present, here and now, I have a real break from that kind of mental stress.

Riding to and from my studio, I have a rule that I try to just be present, feel the wind on my face, watch the river, observe the changing faces of the city. It’s become a habit now. So much so that recently, when I was stewing about something, I found my mind automatically clearing out as soon as I got onto my bike. I didn’t stew all day. Instead, I arrived fresh at my studio, worked all day with total absorbtion, and started stewing again the minute I got home!

Wow.. this is new for me. To have this kind of ability to measure my negative emotions and process them at suitable times, but not constantly. I like it. A LOT. And that’s what this painting is about. Being present, being here and now…

This piece has been sold.

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