Licorice Allsorts

Licorice Allsorts-1

I’ve had my teeth in a big project lately. I’ve been painting a series which I’m calling Licorice Allsorts – sweet square bites with pretty colours. It’s a collection of my thoughts from my journal – funny and sweet phrases that stand out when I flip through and see what I’ve written. There’s a little character to go with each bite – from my rubber stamp library. I’m in love with these colours. They are the results of my experiments in France, and make me think of happy, sunshiney days.

Here’s a little flip through showing the back of my desk as I worked on these paintings, first creating colour, then adding characters and doodles.

I’m not putting these in my online shop, for now. You’ll need to come and see me if you’d like one (or three!).

I’m hosting a studio warming / launch on Saturday 10 October, 10am to 3pm. For those of you in Melbourne, I hope you’ll come along. As well as the Licorice Allsorts I’ll have heaps of new birds and some pretty new faces on the walls too.

Come to Abbotsford Convent at 1 St Helier’s St, Abbotsford and follow the signs to the Mercator Studios.

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