I invite you to share a piece of my heart

I’m trying something new: a subscription to my art…

Subscription Image for Facebook, Insta & blog

When I create art, a piece of my heart goes into it. Everything I paint draws on what’s important to me, what I’m passionate about, and what appeals. When I paint something that you connect with, that is also important or appealing to you, then we share a moment, you and I. I get to see and understand a part of you, and you see and understand that same part of me. We get each other. And that’s why art is not a one way thing. It’s a connection, a communication, a conversation. It makes you feel seen and it makes me feel seen. We both benefit.

I’m inviting you to become a part of my art family, share in my heart and share the conversation. We’ll talk. You tell me which of my pieces resonate with you, and why. Tell me your stories and let them influence me. And I’ll send you stuff. Pretty stuff, arty stuff. A few times a year, you’ll get a little package of love in your mailbox.

I’ll send you prints of my artwork. You can choose what you fancy, or you can let me pick for you. If you talk to me, tell me about yourself and your life, I’ll get to know you and can surprise you with something I think you’ll like.


In December, you’ll get a pack of Christmas cards to send to your friends. I’ll also send you a pack of plain cards featuring my artwork to use for birthdays and other occasions. If you don’t do Christmas, just tell me, and I’ll send you some ‘unChristmas’ cards instead.


Subscription Image-2

Handmade postcards from vintage flea market findings, ready to go to my first six subscribers.

I’ll send you other stuff too. I can’t tell you exactly what it’ll be – I’ll make it up as I go along. But there’ll be things like postcards, cardboard paint palettes that I’ve used, test prints of rubber stamps as I carve them, seconds of things I print that aren’t quite right to sell… whatever sweet stuff I have on my art desk. And everything will come in beautiful mail art envelopes that you can reuse for paperwork.

Subscription Image -3

This is sort of thing you might get in addition to prints and cards – if you are one of my first six subscribers, you’ll receive a little package like this when you sign up.

If you want, I can also paint an original piece especially for you. No need to decide for now what it will be. We can talk. Let the year unfold, see what artworks you like, and when you’re ready, tell me the sort of thing you fancy. Or maybe, as we talk, I’ll suggest something.

By subscribing, you’re supporting me to do what I love most, which is make art, and I’m enormously grateful for that. I feel your love, and I will give that love right back, in your inbox, in your mailbox.

This subscription runs for a year from the date you purchase it, or if it’s a gift, from the date you nomiate. It would be a beautiful gift for someone who’s struggling, who needs a little love, to feel heard and seen. It’s also a good gift for anyone who wants a regular burst of creative inspiration. And if you like my art, it’s a good gift for yourself as well.

I’ve never done this before – if you want to jump on the wagon, play with me and see how it turns out, please do subscribe.

PS Just one thing: to make this really special, and to ensure I can give every subscriber a large and attentive piece of my heart, I’m limiting this to ten subscriptions, max. So if it appeals, be quick.

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