Old art installations

Years ago, this was my desk:


Old installations-3

I loved it. Each of those installations I made reflected issues in my life at the time, the things I was thinking about and struggling with and embracing. But eventually I realised I had a problem. My desk was full. There was nowhere to put more installations, and I had a lot more making within me. With a heavy heart, I packed them into a box, to make way for new creations. I’m glad I did. I’ve explored many artistic adventures since.


Old installations-1

Not long after stashing the box away, I came across some gorgeous installations in a shop, different from mine, but with a similar energy. An idea came to me… Perhaps I could sell mine? Then they wouldn’t be wasted. They’d be enjoyed by someone else, out there, on display, instead of packed in the dark. I contacted the shop. Did they want to sell my stuff? I never heard back. I never found another shop that would sell this kind of weird, out there stuff. I didn’t dwell on it. Actually I completely forgot about the box…

Until I was moving to my new studio and I came across it again. As I unpacked the artworks, I realised how far I’ve come. These days, I have my own shop! I don’t need someone else to sell my work. In fact, my job, which consists of making and selling artworks, arose out of exactly the dilemma I couldn’t solve back when I packed these away: my desire to make stuff, and have it not be wasted, and the fact that I cannot possibly keep all that I make.

Old installations-2

As I’ve been cleaning up these pieces and preparing them for sale, I realise I’ve also developed artistically. For this old book, I wanted a figure. I tried and tried to make something out of papier mache, but all my efforts met with dismal failure. After studying with Julie Arkell last year in France, I have the skills in papier mache now. And I’ve sculpted many dolls and figures since. In fact, I reckon my frozen Charlotte doll will be perfect in that book.

Old installations-4


I haven’t put these in my internet shop yet. I’m still tweaking and fussing over them to make sure I’m happy. And I have to figure out prices too. In the meantime, if you want to see them in the flesh, feel free to pop in to my studio, where I’ve hung these and more of my old pieces too. If you want one of them, shoot me an email [MAILTO: asphyxia@nemesis.com.au] to express your interest.

My studio days are, loosely, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and every second Saturday. To check I’m here, text me ahead of time on 0408 787 582 – or else just pop in and try your luck. The address is 5a Mercator Studios, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

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