I’ve got a new studio!

I’ve just moved into my new studio at the Abbotsford Convent. For those who don’t know about the convent, it’s a glorious collection of ancient buildings, set right on the river, surrounded by green and trees, that have been converted to a bunch of artist’s studios. I feel incredibly honoured to have been selected for this studio, which is in the Mercator building, and now I get to be part of this community of artists.


New Studio-2

It seems ironic to move right after I posted all those photos of my lovely home studio. It started when my friend Alice invited me to share her studio in Pam Lane. I immediately said no, I love working from home. But the more we talked, the more I thought the idea had real potential. Come to think of it, life has been incredibly distracting at home lately. I realised that I have a whole heap of art projects that require a few hours of solid, uninterrupted concentration, and I haven’t started any of them because… well… they require a few hours of solid, uninterrupted concentration. And most days, I don’t think I’ll get it.

Sadly, Alice’s studio wasn’t right for me. Too small. I’d have to leave half my stuff at home, and I hate working between two places. I was so disappointed, I decided to look for a studio in earnest. I looked at lots of places, sent off applications and emails. And just as I was about to sign for somewhere else, I was informed I was the selected applicant for the Mercator Studio. Wow! It’s bigger than I’d dared to hope. With beautiful light, and lots of space to hang my artworks.

New Studio-1

I’ve set up half the room as my workspace, and the other half as gallery/shop. Now those of you who’ve been asking where you can see my work have a place you can come to look, feel and experience. I’m setting out my journals so you can sit on the couch and flip through them at leisure. You can look at my bookes and zines, and ask me questions. And if you like what you see, you can buy.

If you’re in Melbourne, want to pop in and visit? My studio days are, loosely, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and every second Saturday. To check I’m here, text me ahead of time on 0408 787 582 – or else just pop in and try your luck.

The address is 5a Mercator Studios, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St Heliers St, Abbotsford, Melbourne.

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