Come and play with my Pinterest boards!

Pinterest Screenshot

Do you use Pinterest? I reckon it’s my most valuable tool for inspiration. I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am today as an artist if it wasn’t for Pinterest. When I need a spark of ideas, my Pinterest boards never fail to set my heart aflutter!

Until now, my boards have been a cryptic mess, because they were just for me. Over the years, they’ve grown to rather vast proportions, and it struck me, that if these boards are inspiring to me, they’ll probably be inspiring to some of you too.

I decided to clean them up a bit, organise them, make them a bit more decipherable to the outsider. And I’m thrilled with how they are looking now. So much better for me to use too.

What’s there? My go to boards have inspiration for dolls, faces and figures. When I want to paint a portrait, I scour them for ideas. Often a concept will come from one image, a hairstyle from another, clothing from a third and so on. Then I’ll head over to abstracts, or colour palettes, and get ideas for colours and textures I like.

If you’re a creative sort, and you don’t use Pinterest, can I say… Get thee over there! Make some boards and start organising your inspiration. Use my boards as a start, if you like. And if you DO use Pinterest, I invite you to have a trawl through my boards. If you like my stuff, you’ll probably like my inspiration too. Enjoy!

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