Not all birds fly

Not all birds fly - green arch-1

I did this painting in France. It’s the result of a loose, happy play with paint and charcoal. I really loved using my bird stamp – the Vulture, as Paula calls it.

Not All Birds Fly represents those of us who are different. For me, it’s deafness. For some it’s another disability or an illness. This piece is a reminder that we all need to make the effort to accommodate everyone, to remember that not everyone can do everything…

But when Paula saw this painting, her reaction was completely different. She felt it was about isolation, about not feeling a part of the group. I find it fascinating how one image can resonate with each of us in so many different ways. It’s true, the street art I saw in Oslo, that said, ‘We see things not as they are, but as we are.’

What do you see in this painting? I’d be interested to know?

This piece has been sold.

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