Red Magpie article


Just before I headed off overseas, Red Magpie, a really cool online journal/magazine, came over to interview me and snap some photos. Their article really captures where I’m at right now with my life and my art, and they took gorgeous photos to boot – have a look if you like.

They made a video too:

It was after they left that I was inspired to create my online Auslan course. I was dressed y’see (which doesn’t happen all that often) and my hair was clean ish (also relatively rare, I’m afraid), so I thought it was a good day to make some signing videos for my friend Jenine, who wanted a refresher in the signs I’d taught her.

I flipped on the camera and filmed a bunch of videos. I had absolutely no idea that they would end up being streamed to over ten thousand people!

I probably wouldn’t have gotten around to it if it wasn’t for Red Magpie, so you can thank them for the Auslan course!

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