Frozen Charlotte Dolls

Do you know what a frozen Charlotte doll is? Here are some:

Frozen Charlotte Dolls 1 Frozen Charlotte Dolls 2 Frozen Charlotte Dolls 3 Frozen Charlotte Dolls 4

I’ve seen these in artworks and wondered where you’d get them, but I had no idea they had a special name, and I’ve never seen them in any shops here in Australia. My friend Jenine introduced me to them recently, and once I had a name for them, I started googling them. Oh my!!! Talk about doll-lust. I felt I just HAD to have a frozen Charlotte of my own.

But like I said, I’ve never seen one in Australia, and when I tried to buy one, the shipping fees were just exhorbitant. Scrap that. So I pulled out my clay and sculpting tool and decided to see if I could make one. Honestly, I’m not a very confident sculptor, and all the time I was making the doll, a little negative voice was ripping into me, telling me what a hopeless job I was doing. I did my best to ignore it and sculpted on.

Not perfect, and definitely not as detailed as some of the lovely frozen Charlottes I’ve seen on the internet, but I hoped once I’d painted her, she’d come up okay. I made a mould of her, and since then, most mornings I hop up and press some new Fimo or plaster or clay into my mould. I’ve got a nice little line up of dolls now and once I painted and glazed them I fell in love!

Frozen Charlotte Dolls 5

What to do with my little collection of frozen Charlottes? I’ve been making plaster nichos, like tiny shrines, for them to live in.

Frozen Charlotte Dolls 6

Frozen Charlotte Dolls 7 Frozen Charlotte Dolls 8

Frozen Charlotte Dolls 9

What would you do with a frozen Charlotte? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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