Goodbye! I’m going overseas for a month

Talking book-1

I’m leaving tomorrow.  Heading off to Norway, Denmark and France for more of the art inspiration that fed my soul so well last year.  I’m not taking much: just a backpack with some clothes and an art kit.  I plan to paint my way across Europe.

I’ve also made myself this book, my ‘talking book’, which I’ll use to communicate with people I meet.  It’s a little hard-cover book with a print of my artwork on the front and back.

Talking book-2

Paula thought maybe it was a bit bold – is that really the first message I want to give when I meet people? A naked woman and man? But you know what? One of the reasons I’m so excited about this trip is that I’ll be away from all my usual people and routines, and I’ll have the opportunity to be a different version of myself.  I’m hoping for a more ME version.

Not that I’m not ME in my life at home, but by stepping outside of all the daily expectations about how I’ll be, I hope I can shake things up for myself and see who is really in there, right here, right now.  And part of that is not making any apologies for who I am.  Yes, sometimes I’m really bold,  really feminist.  And if no-one wants to be friends with me on this trip because my Talking Book is offensive, then I don’t care.  And if someone sees it and is drawn to talk to me because of it, well, hell, that’s a person I’d like to meet!

I’m leaving my computer at home.  That’s big, for me.  But it’s time for a bit of a detox, to connect with the real world and here and now, without thinking about sharing that with others. I’ll do the sharing when I come home.  So I won’t be posting here regularly for the next month. But I’ll probably lurk online from time to time.

So, folks, I’m off.  Wish me ME-ness.  Or as Lewis Caroll said, ‘muchness’.  For those of you in Australia, have fun with winter (ha!) and for all of you, see you in August.


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