Buttons and Lace

Buttons and Lace-1

I originally made this piece for the cover of my journal. I gathered all my bestest and most favouritest bits of fabric and lace, and vintage buttons from my jar, and stitched them all together. I stitched in a print of a face I painted – Open Doors. The print is about overcoming challenges (in my case, being deaf), to open doors for myself and make my own opportunities. You can’t see the text in this version but the face and the door remind me of the need to take charge and make my life how I want it. That’s why I put this on the cover of my journal.

Only, unfortunately, this didn’t work on my journal – I didn’t factor in that the lace gets squashed sideways when I try to push the book into my self, and it’s simply not right for the kind of daily abuse my journal gets. So I’ve made a new, more resilient cover for my journal. And this one, I still love it, so I’ve mounted it on a piece of reclaimed wood, where it looks just gorgeous – all textured and vintage.

This piece has been sold.

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