The rules of the Pyjama Day

The rules of the pyjama day-2

Heaps of cultures have days when we are not supposed to do any work. It’s often touted as being for religious reasons. But you know what I think? These days off are essential to our survival, and make the difference between merely surviving and actually thriving. I think it’s no accident that so many religions have incorporated compulsory rest days. They work.

But here we are now, in the 21st century, where life just gets busier and busier, and we have less inclination to follow religious rules. More than ever, we need the day off.

For me, it’s the pyjama day. The golden rule of the pyjama day, in my book, is not so much the pyjamas, but that you take a day off from doing what you should do, and instead you do what you WANT to do. Try it. It’s surprisingly challenging, actually. You have to listen to yourself, figure out what it is you FEEL like doing.

But when I’ve been doing that for a whole day, most times, by around 4pm, something in me shifts. I feel new, vibrant, inspired. I’m often happy to knock off some little job that I couldn’t face before.

I think a pyjama day once a week is the perfect balm for the soul, to keep us in top shape. But honestly, it’s pretty hard to take a whole day out of our obligations every week. Monthly, that’s better than nothing. Right now I hover somewhere between once a month and once a fortnight.

When it’s been a while, I forget about the pyjama day. Weeks and weeks go past and it doesn’t occur to me. That’s why I’ve painted this. It’s something to put on the wall, a reminder to take the time out, to connect with yourself and spend some time free of obligations.

This piece has been sold.

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