Bird Stamp

Standing bird stamp

One of my happiest nights, recently, was spent sitting by the fire, with the cat curled on my feet, carving rubber stamps.  I am so excited about this bird stamp I made.  I love my little rubber stamp characters, and I’ve got quite a collection now. I do get tired of them though – when they are new I have so much fun experimenting with different backgrounds and settings for them.  This rubber stamp is being saved up, for a period of glorious experimentation when I’m overseas in July. For now though, it’s so hard to put it away, because I just want to play with it!


Dr Girl stamp

I also carved this little Doctor Girl stamp, and I think she’s just the sweetest.  She, too is being sequestered ready for me to play with her when I go overseas.

Let me tell you about my trip! I had such an amazing time when I studied with Julie Arkell in France last year, and met so many fabulous and inspiring people, that this year I’m going back for more. The inspiration has fed me all year and I’m ready for another dose of it.  This time I’m going to Norway, Denmark and France, and I’ll be visiting some of the friends I made last year. I’m not taking much – an art kit and a few clothes.  Looking forward to travelling light and being free. And playing with Bird and Doctor Girl.

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