Wheels of Freedom

Wheels Of Freedom-1

Wheels Of Freedom is a giant painting, larger than life, on a plastered reclaimed canvas.  This piece is for anyone who bought their freedom with wheels.  The wheel is a magnificent form of technology, life-changing for those who cannot walk independently and life-changing for the rest of us too.

This painting celebrates technology and the way it has transformed our lives for the better (though I know it has brought with it many problems too). For me it’s email and txt messages that have transformed my life. For others it’s wheels. Or glasses. Or antibiotics. Here’s to the technology that sets us free.

I also painted this to remind me to be more inclusive. I try to fight for Deaf inclusion but there are others who need to be included too, and just because I’m Deaf doesn’t mean I am exempt from making the effort on that front.

Another motivation behind this painting is role models.  In mainstream media, we tend to see heroes/heroines who are physically/mentally able. Where are the Deaf princesses who sign? Where are the glamour-girls on wheels? We need to see images that show the gorgeous in all diverse forms.

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