Grey bird in journal

I’ve been learning to paint birds. I thought it might be really difficult, and I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve picked it up. This is one of my first, which I painted in my journal:



Once I put them on Facebook and Instagram the commissions rolled in. Here’s three of them…



I painted this for my dear friend Bethany. She didn’t ask for the words, but I put them on anyway – a little message for her as well as for the bird. She really is going to fly!

Other people who saw Bethany’s bird also knew people who were going to fly, and asked me to paint for them…

Here’s Edie’s bird, this sweet little yellow bird. That was a challenge! But so happy with how it turned out.


And here’s Catherine’s bird. I went to town with the colours here – really love the background. My son Jesse loves it so much too he’s asked me to paint one for him. It’s in the works.



And there’s more.. I’ve been filling up my Etsy shop with bird paintings. You can find them here.

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