Axe Gender Roles

Axe Gender Roles-3

Here’s the next painting in my series about gender diversity. You know how once there was a day when it wasn’t socially acceptable for a woman to wear trousers? How if she did, it was considered inappropriately ‘masculine’ of her. But things have changed now. We women can wear pants and it doesn’t mean we aren’t feminine – in fact it makes no real statement at all other than that it’s what we feel like wearing that day. Well I reckon the same has to go for skirts. We’ve gotta axe the rules, make it so a guy can wear a skirt and it doesn’t have to be specially labeled as a kilt and it doesn’t have to have anything to do with his masculinity or sexuality. It’s just a garment. And if he fancies something frilly, well that doesn’t mean anything either.

But how to make the change? Got any suggestions?

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