Heart skip a beat

Abstract numbers series-1

I FINALLY finished my abstract series that I started last year, which I’ve called Heart Skip A Beat. I love these – the colours, the textures, the grungy old-wall effect. I still feel unconfident about releasing abstracts into the world. Maybe that’s why I’ve taken so long to finish it. But hell, if I love them, why shouldn’t someone else?

Someone once told me I was too literal, that my art has a linear story to it and that I should break out from that. I’m not sure I agree. I mean, yes, I’m literal, that’s for sure.. but is a story such a bad thing? I love stories. I write them, I create them on canvas.
I share them with the world, and when other people connect with them it gives me joy.

Anyway, here’s my breaking away. There isn’t a story here. It’s just emotions, the ordinary-ness of everyday feelings, captured in the slightly random way they happen in real life.

Abstract numbers series-2 Abstract numbers series-3 Abstract numbers series-4 Abstract numbers series-5 Abstract numbers series-6 Abstract numbers series-7

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