70 Paintings for Christmas

Hello and happy 2015 to you! I hope you’ve had a nice break over the holidays, if you got one. Me, I took a biiig chunk of time away from my screens and devices, aside from a few posts on Instagram, and I really enjoyed slowing down a bit after the completely MAD time before Christmas. Let me tell you about that.

It was a bit over a year ago that I sold my first painting, and then sold a bunch more for Christmas 2013. I decided I liked this art thing, that selling my creations was a good way to get them out of the house and make way for new creativity. But nothing could have prepared me for Christmas 2014. I sold seventy original paintings for Christmas. Yes, seventy! And that’s not even counting all the books and zines and papier mache creatures I sent out into the world too.

Some of the paintings were simple little sprays of my stencils onto vintage music paper and the like.


Others were canvases I hand painted with acrylics and water colour.


A bunch were blackboards, many of them personalised, with my paper dolls on them.


And some of them were portraits of lovely girls who would be getting a very nice surprise indeed on Christmas morning.


For me to create seventy paintings was a huge, mammoth effort, and oh so worth it. Some days our house felt like Santa’s workshop. I’d be madly painting, and Paula would be packing up orders, and my phone would be buzzing as a new request came in every few minutes. Sometimes I felt dizzy just with the effort of keeping up.

It was also immensely exciting as there’s nothing I love more than sitting at my art desk with a paintbrush in my hand, knowing that this painting is going to someone who is going to really treasure it.

Now I’m having a big hard think about 2015 and deciding I have to be much, much better prepared. I’ve started already, making new and different pieces to offer, and changing around my studio to make it work on a bigger scale. But more about all that in a different post.

Can I just say, a really really big thank you to all those of you who bought my art last year, because you people have made me a career, and it’s my very favourite one yet. I’m fortunate to have been a computer programmer and a circus performer and a puppeteer and a writer (I’m still a writer!) and now I reckon I can call myself an artist and it’s thanks to you.

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