Pink Champagne recipe

If you’d like to try your hand at homemade alcohol, this recipe for pink champagne is pretty easy:

Pick 800g rhubarb, wash and chop (I put mine through the thermomix, resulting in this fairly unappealing stringy mash, but never mind).

Put 5 litres of water in a pot, add the rhubarb, a sliced lemon, 300g honey and 1/4 cup of raw apple cider vinegar.  Here’s my pot:

Pink Champagne recipe


Put the lid on the pot and and leave it for 24 hours.  Then strain the liquid into a fermenting vessel, and top with an airlock:

Pink Champagne recipe 2


If you don’t have a fermenting vessel or airlock, just put it into plastic bottles, and put a balloon over the entrance.  This is so that gas can escape as the little micro-organisms do their fermenty thing, but no new air can go in, which would introduce undesirable micro-organisms and cause your champagne to turn into vinegar.  Every now and then you’ll need to “burp” the ballons, because otherwise they’ll expand to the point that eventually they’ll pop off.  Don’t even think about putting a lid on the bottle – this is asking for an explosion, and I speak from personal experience.

Anyway, once you’ve airlocked/ballooned your brew, leave it for two weeks, then drink it.  It should be fizzy and mildly alcoholic, and if nothing else, it should be delicious.

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