My Stencil Series

I’ve been working on this series for ages, making stencil after stencil and choosing my favourite ways to render them.  Here they are on my lounge room wall.  It was hard to get a decent photo but you get the idea:


My Stencil Series

This series is important to me because it reflects what I believe in and forms a manifesto for how I want to live.

Here they are, individually:

My Stencil Series 2

My Stencil Series 3

My Stencil Series 4

My Stencil Series 5

My Stencil Series 6

My Stencil Series 7

My Stencil Series 8

My Stencil Series 9

Right now this series is on exhibition at Ruby’s Nest in Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia), until the end of August.  Pop in and see them in the flesh, if you like.  After that I’ll be keeping my eye out for where they should go next, so if you know of any cafes or places that might suit, leave me a comment.

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