Live Sustainably – a zine

Live Sustainably - a zine

I’ve made a new zine.

Apparently if we in the developed world lived on 10% of the resources the average person here lives on, then we’d be able to avert climate change, and we’d leave a nice world for our kids and grandchildren to inherit – they’d even get some resources to use themselves.

But is it really possible to live on just 10%? Would that mean we couldn’t participate in everyday society, that we’d have to ‘drop out’? What would such a life look like?

My family decided to find out. It took a while of making changes, but after 8 months, we were pretty much living on 10% of the average. This 11-page zine is a story about a week in our lives at that time. It’s about what’s hard and what’s easy, about what resources we used and how we eliminated others from our lives.

This project is called the Riot For Austerity, started by Sharyn Astyk. If you click on Riot For Austerity in my side bar, you can see all the posts I’ve done since starting this project.

And if you’d like to read my zine, you can get it in my Etsy shop, Fixie’s Shelf.

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