Free Bunny & Cat Doll Pattern


Kimberly asked me if I could share the pattern I made up for this sweet bunny I sewed for Ruby Grace. I used the same pattern to make this cat for Marlow, and happily it’s nice and simple – the cat only took me an hour.


A Cat For Marlow

I’ve never published a pattern before so excuse me if this is a bit rough. Here’s what you do.  Save the image below in your computer and print it out so that it fills an A4 sheet of paper.


Free Bunny & Cat Doll Pattern

Now’s the time to prepare your ears. For a cat, just draw the shape of the ears onto the figure. For the bunny I made separate ears out of two teardrop pieces of fabric sewn together, and folded in half lengthwise.

Once you’ve got the ears sorted, cut around the outline of the paper figure so the shaded area is gone (but don’t cut off the ears if you are making a cat).

Now prepare your fabric. I sewed rectangles of pretty remnants together for both the dolls I made. Then I folded the resulting rectangle in half, right sides together, and laid the paper pattern on top, lining up the top of the legs with the seam I’d made. Pin the fabric together in the corners.

Using dressmaker’s chalk or a biro, trace around the edge of the figure, then set aside the pattern. If you have separate ears, like the bunny, insert them now.  You’ll need to place them between the two layers of fabric, with the ears pointing in towards the middle of the face, and the seams at the base of the ears placed one centimetre outside the line you’ve drawn for the head.  Pin them into place.

Now you can sew along the line you’ve drawn. I start at the top of one leg, stitch around both legs, up around the arm then the head, and back down around the other arm, stopping in the armpit so there’s an opening. Snip your seams then turn it through and fill with polyester stuffing. I like them lightly stuffed so they’re all soft and cuddly, but if they wrinkle too much and this looks bad, you can stuff them tightly – if you pack in the stuffing hard enough, eventually the wrinkles should disappear. Handstitch the opening closed.

Now you’re ready to do the face. First draw your face with a pencil onto the paper pattern, with an eraser handy so you can move around the eyes, nose and mouth till they look good. When you’re happy, sketch it lightly onto the face of your doll. Thread a needle and tie a single knot at the end – you should be able to enter from the back of the head, pull it hard, and the knot will pop through so you can’t see it. Stitch the face according to your drawings. If you want more face ideas check out the things I’ve made to see other doll faces.

And now, before you give it to your favourite kiddies to play with, snap a pic and send it to me – I’ll publish it on my blog. Happy sewing everyone, I can’t wait to see what you make.

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