Cult Of Doll

My work is being featured in a fabulous almanac, Cult Of Doll.  All contributing artists create a doll, possibly some accessories, and a story to go with it.  All the stories have links back to Miss Araminta’s curio shop in London. Miss Araminta is the doll-creation of the founders of the almanac, Yve Hoosen and Grace Garton.  Both of them have such wonderful work, I feel really honoured to have been invited to take part.

A mini-version of the almanac, with teasers of our creations,was published on New Year’s Day, so pop over and have a look if you like.  Here’s a poster for the project;

Cult Of Doll

And here’s my teaser page in the mini-almanac.  I can’t show you the finished doll yet but you get an idea from this.  Yve edited it to look very cool with an x-ray filter.  I love it.


Cult Of Doll 2

I always have fantasies about ‘the simple life’ and this doll is the embodiment of that.  I’ve had a lot of fun making her, and incorporating my new metalsmithing skills into the assemblage box which is her home.  Stay tuned for updates ont his one.  In the meantime, you can see the planning page from my journal here:


Cult Of Doll 3

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