My own little lights

My own little lights

I’m pretty pleased with how these turned out, though the stone cairns need a bit of work to be more realistic.  My favourite are the red avocadoes at the back.  I experimented with adding different amounts of dye to see what their effects would be.

I melted the wax in a little tin on our rocket stove, while Paula cooked dinner.  I try to do my candle making when we have the rocket stove going, so that I can use waste fuel rather than use gas.

My own little lights 2

Then I poured it into a plastic container to cool.  At least, I did until I inadvertently poured in a particularly hot batch of wax, which melted the container and resulted in wax all over the ground.  Bugger.  After that I use a ceramic bowl instead.  Once the wax had cooled to the point it was starting to form a skin, I poured it into the latex moulds, which were propped into a tray of walnuts to hold them up:


My own little lights 3

If you look carefully at the candles you’ll see some of them have walnut-shaped indentations on them.  Once I wised up to this, I took the moulds out of the tray while the wax was still pliable and smoothed them a bit in my hands.  It would probably be better to use a tray of sand or something softer, but the walnuts were hanging around and I couldn’t be bothered to set up anything better.


My own little lights 4

In the photo below you can see my plastic container of hot wax, the largest stone mould and one of the avocado moulds filled with wax, not yet fully set, and a few avocadoes that I’d just turned out of their moulds.


My own little lights 5

I had a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon.  I’ll be interested to see how long the candles last.  Jo’s candles of a similar size are advertised as having 150 burning hours.  If that’s true of mine, then I might finally have a way of meeting my family’s candle needs.  I’ve been making tapers for a couple of years but haven’t been able to keep up with the quantity we get through.  Maybe with this method…?

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