My birthday!

My birthday!

It’s my birthday, and I feel so totally and utterly spoilt.  Paula made me this exquisite mosaic for my garden.  I’m stunned.  I simply adore the colours, the composition, the words – and how, o how, did she managed to get that elegant loop of the L?  It’s made of broken crockery and has the added sweetness that I remember those lovely plates, bowls and cups, and it’s gorgeous to see them immortalised in such a beautiful piece of work.  Thank you, Paula.


My birthday! 2

Not to be outdone, Jesse embroidered me this gorgeous calico patch.  We’ve been studying German together, and “Ich liebe dich” is heard often around our house.  I’m going to turn it into a patch on a bag.  I think the design is beautiful.  It’s his writing, he drew the heart, he stitched it all.  I love it!  My bag is going to be soooooo cool!

They also made me some stakes for my garden:

My birthday! 3 My birthday! 4 My birthday! 5

And to top it all off, as if that wasn’t enough birthday goodness already, there was a surprise at the end of it.  They had worked up a song for me!  Jesse has learnt to play Cowboy Take Me Away on the guitar (I love that song, because I can relate so to the lines “I want to touch the earth.. I want to break it in my hands… I want to grow something wild and unruly.”)  Paula played the drums, and they sat up together to do the most incredible performance.  Jesse kept his head up so I could lipread the words, and they both sang to me with so much love and adoration.  I was gobsmacked.  It sounded like a whole band.  (Well… I think so, anyway!  I’m not exactly the world’s best judge – ha!)  I bawled right through it actually, and I’m not a big one for crying.  What sweeties…

And then… my next door neighbour, Suni, gave me this gorgeous pincushion she’d stitched herself.  I have such a thing for bird cages, and this is so perfectly gothic and a feast for the eyes.  She used real felt, and I think the colours are magnificent.  I can tie it around my wrist when I’m handsewing, or tie it around my sewing machine when I’m working at that.  Yay!

My birthday! 6

It’s been a birthday full of handmade presents.. my very favourite kind!

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