The Locavore Challenge

I just read Jen Owens’ description of the locavore challenge her family undertook a few years ago. Here are the the goals they planned to achieve during their three month challenge:

  • Aim to be self sufficient for meat, fruit, and vegetables
  • Anything we can’t grow ourselves we can barter or purchase (using any funds gained from selling our surplus produce) from only Tasmanian Growers/Producers (preferably organic and/or sustainably grown)
  • Exceptions – fair trade cocoa (Johan can’t survive without this apparently and sugar for Johan’s Hot Chocolate & 100% recycled toilet paper (because we’re soft!).
  • No supermarket shopping
  • No purchases of new items such as clothing, household stuff etc.
  • Reduce our energy consumption to ‘grid neutral’ – we have recently installed solar hot water, and will have grid-connected solar electricity installed before the challenge commences

Jen has made a lovely link-up of her posts from the challenge.  Click here for the first one and then click the links at the bottom of each post to read the next one.  It’s an inspiring read.  Enjoy!

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