On the cover of Grass Roots Magazine!

On the cover of Grass Roots Magazine!

My little family and I are on the cover of the current (Feb/Mar 2012) issue of Grass Roots magazine.  I love Grass Roots – I used to read it back when I was building my house, for inspiration.  Then somehow I lost track of the mag and hadn’t read it for years.  But this year it’s found me again, and I’m eating up all the great stories as fast as I can – so many tips and ideas for living sustainably, sufficiently and so on.  I’ve realised there’s a great community out there of people who can already do all the things I’m trying to learn to do, and that I can access them via the mag.  So thanks, Grass Roots, for coming back into my life 🙂  And thanks, for publishing such a lovely story too.

The story is a nice run down of all that is self-sufficient about the way Paula, Jesse and I live.  You can download and read it here.

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