Fishing Bag

I made this fishing bag for myself. After some very frustrating fishing attempts where the seagulls were after my bait, and I had to dig it up / rebury it every five minutes, I knew I needed a bag that sat right on my hip, with an open pocket for the bait. While fishing on the rocks, the tide came whipping in just as I caught a fish, and in trying to quickly scoop up my gear, I dropped the fish. It flipped everywhere, and I could only catch it again by dropping my gear. Just as I’d got hold of it again, the tide threatened to carry off my bag! Eventually I managed to kill the fish and rescue my very wet gear, but I decided not to go rock fishing again until I’d made a bag that would sit snugly against my body, and would have all my gear within easy reach.

Enter my fishing bag, made from an ex-shower curtain. It has a drawstring pocket that sits open for the bait, a pocket for the chopping board, a padded pocket for my knife, and a zip pocket for my tackle. And behind everything, is a big (ish) pocket for the fish that I catch. You can tell I’m not planning on catchig anything big.

I tested the bag down at the river, where I ended up having to sit on a log that protruded into the water. Boy was I glad to have my bag! I could never have managed baiting up or tying on a new rig if I’d been trying to balance all my gear on that log. I didn’t catch any fish though.

Anyone recommend good fishing spots in or near Melbourne, accessible by public transport?

Fishing Bag

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