It’s harvest time in my garden

It's harvest time in my garden

Since September, once again we’ve been properly eating from our garden, and we’ve scarcely bought a vegetable. Paula cooks like mad to keep up with the baskets of goodness I bring in every day. Some days the three of us eat vegetables three times a day. We can’t get enough of them. No wonder people don’t like vegies, when they are raised on shop produce. Garden vegies are another thing altogether. Even Jesse hops in with gusto.

The photo above is just a typical day’s harvest.

The photo below is another one.

It's harvest time in my garden 2

We’re eating:
– artichokes with homemade egg mayonniase,
– honeyed buttered carrots,
– roasted beetroot dip with homegrown celery sticks,
– and plate after plate of “medley” which is Paula’s mix of whatever greens I bring in, generously doused with butter, salt and pepper. Lately the medley is spinach with peas, broadbeans and asparagus. Yum!

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