Flax Basket

Flax Basket

Yesterday I took advantage of being in Nelson, NZ, to meet with an amazing artist, Deb Price, who lives nearby.  I found her work on the internet and emailed to ask if she’d meet and share her skills.  Luckily  for me, she agreed.  Not only is she utterly lovely, but she was generous enough to give me a whole day of her time, and bring with her a huge bundle of NZ flax leaves.

And this is what I made!  I am IN LOVE with this basket!  Deb has such an incredible aesthetic and it’s thanks to her and all her inspiration and tips that I was able to make this.  I can’t believe it was formed by my own hands.  But it was and I’ve got lots of cuts and scratches today to prove it!  It’s still green but it’ll turn brown as it dries out.

Another thing I really love about this basket is it was made entirely from flax leaves, with only a couple of very simple tools.  Very medieval peasant woman, very sustainable, very simple and natural…

I’m going to hang it in my bathroom and use it to store my toilet cloths.  When I get home I hope to make another one for Paula’s cloths.  And then I can see some fruit bowls, an onion bowl, and all sorts of home storage ideas.. eek – I’d better stop or I’ll have no time left for everything else I want to do!

Here’s another photo so you can see some of the detail on the side.  I added the loop so I’ll have somewhere to hang it from.

Flax Basket 2

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