Rabbit Hot Water Bottle Cover

Rabbit Hot Water Bottle Cover

I made this hot water bottle cover from an old French sheet I found in an op shop (I love that dusty floral pattern), a a piece of old cushion cover, and some of my very last scraps of the beautiful text fabric from memidesigns. It’s lined with my old hot water bottle cover, which was simply a double layer of flannelette from an old sheet.

What I’m most pleased with about this project, is that every stitch was made in five stolen minutes here and there. I did a few stitches at a tram stop, a few more on the tram, a few while waiting for Jesse, a few in the minutes that Paula packed her bag. There was no chunk of time to work on this, in a madly busy week of packing to go on tour. But I did it anyway, and finished it just in time to test it out the night before we left. It’s gorgous!

I really love the bunny – I drew so many drafts of her before I was happy with her posture and expression. I have a feeling I’ll be making more bunnies from that pattern.

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