Jesse’s Bunny

Jesse's Bunny 1

The other day I set up my sewing machine, and within five minutes Jesse was moseying around asking if he could sew something. I was inspired in a homeschool-ish way, and was happy to work my boring sewing repairs around a fun project for him.

First he leafed through my journal at all the rabbit pictures, and chose one for basic inspiration. Then I let him choose from my special-fabrics bag, and I thought he chose a really lovely combination.

Next I drew up a pattern for him, and he chose which fabrics would go where. He did the machine sewing himself, and I did the fixing-up seams where things had gone wrong. There were a lot of tears when bunny was half-turned-through because she looked so appallingly wrong. But hopefully some sewing-learning happened after that when we finished turning her through and Jesse discovered how sweet she looked.

Jesse stuffed her, and I smoothed out the stuffing-bumps. I helped him sew the eyes and nose. By this time a whole day had gone by and he was exhausted. I did the last bits for him – handsewed the face to the body and closed up the opening.

All done and he was soooooo rapt! He’s already given her a mad personality and has sucked down one ear so it flops forward. Very cute.

Jesse's Bunny 2

Now he’s dreaming of making a robot doll…

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