Matroshka Doll Hot Water Bottle Cover

Matroshka Doll Hot Water Bottle Cover

I sewed this for Jesse for his birthday. We’ve got a slight Matroshka doll theme happening in our bedroom – each morning when I make the bed I put the Matroshka doll wheat bags on Paula’s pillow. Now Jesse will have his own, of a fashion. Hopefully she will give a nice personality to his hottie and make her feel like a lovely warm and companionable cuddle while he falls asleep on a cold winter night.

I made this entirely from fabrics I had on hand. The green and white floral body is from a dress I bought from an op shop, and so is the red with white polka dots. The face is from a calico oat sack. The buttons were in my button jar. The cover is lined with two layers of flannelette, rescued from an old sheet. The only new items were the background fabric and the tiny strip of blue fabric. They are both leftover from another project. I’m really scraping the bottom of my good leftover fabrics now, as it’s been a long time since I bought anything new. Mostly when I find good fabrics at the op shop, they seem to be on really flimsy, lightweight garments, and they won’t recycle well to items where they need to be durable, such as bags and hottie covers. I’m hankering for a few new fabrics.. everything I sew lately seems to have the same kind of “flavour” to it, as I’m working from a rather limited palatte now.

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