Knitted leggings

Knitted leggings

Knitted leggings 2

See these leggings? I knitted them! (Pardon the dodgy photos – when I’m being the model I can’t snap the pic, so I don’t have much control over how it turns out!) I am not an experienced or fast knitter and I can’t believe I actually got them to completion. It took me 6 months. The first ball I had to knit about four times, thanks to making about a thousand mistakes as I knitted. But strangely enough, after taking 5 months to knit three balls of wool, I managed to whip through the other 7 balls in just a few weeks. I took it on tour with me and got onto a surprising roll, and then when I got home I was so exhausted that I spent days just sitting on the couch knitting, instead of doing all the jobs that were piling up around me. And finally, a week at the beach and I managed to finish them off. I can’t believe how comfortable they are. I was worried they might be scratchy, and that I’d have to wear another pair under them, but no, they are soft and luxurious. And oh-so-warm! I might never take them off!

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