Our local Farmer’s Market

Our local Farmer's Market

I’m becoming very fond of our local farmer’s market. I WISH it was weekly instead of fortnightly – we really are struggling with that. We have a week of abundance and then a week of not enough, though that’s evened out a bit this month with our fruit trees ripening and plenty of vegies from the garden to eat. I am starting to know the suppliers – the pea lady is no longer shocked when I ask for 2 kilograms instead of the tiny bags she usually sells, the pig people have invited me to their farm, I know which of the cheese stalls sells the yummiest and most local cheese, and I know how much of it to buy, too. I know to snap up beetroot as soon as I see it, because if I wait to see if another stall has bigger bulbs, and then go back, they’ll be gone. Sometimes I pick up a punnet of lettuce seedlings too, and they grow amazingly fast. I have lettuce seeds but can’t seem to get them to sprout lately. One of the nicest things is the social part of the trip. I often meet my friend Kelvin there – he’s in the process of discovering organic and local – it’s him I drew beside me in this picture. There’s plenty of other friends I bump into and it becomes a gorgeous morning. I’m always torn between staying to chat or getting my produce home before it gets hot. The great thing about the market is that everything is local and in season – I don’t need to ask. It can be a challenge working out what to cook when there are no carrots or potatoes, and we live on them, but we are getting closer to it.

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