The button shop in Dinan!

The button shop in Dinan!

Walking down the cobbled streets of Dinan, I popped into one of the little shops, and found the most incredible treasure haven! An old- fashioned haberdashery. The button shop.

It was more of a museum than a shop, an incredible collection of old homewares, artfully arranged in a jumble of goodies – giant jars of buttons, drawers open spilling out lace, ribbons and feathers…. old wooden clogs on the floor, and hat box after hat box stacked in every corner. I really wanted to take photos, but no photos allowed. The woman who runs the shop did let me draw it though, and here’s the result. I’m so glad I did – I discovered so much more detail through drawing it than if I’d just snapped a pic.

While I sat in her shop, sketching away, she felt inspired to show me all sorts of treasures. Upon hearing that I am a marionette performer she pulled out a magnificent ancient marionette that she usually hangs in the window at Christmas time.. he was exquisite. I wished I had time to stay for hours, but I had to rush back to the hotel for my pre-booked baking session with Farah, and we were only in Dinan for a few short precious days.

Before I left the shop, the owner came over and gave me a tiny book filled with photos of her shop – it’s a 2009 calender and I was so touched! Lucky me! The shop inspires me – I need to take all my craft and art materials, my sewing stuff, and arrange them just as beautifully…. In fact, I’m thinking of a new and empty set of shelves (cast off from my mother who now has a new kitchen), which are sitting in our studio just waiting for a good clean up and lick of paint…

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