We’re off to Europe!

We're off to Europe!

We headed off to the airport at 4am, flying to Rome via Korea, so we can sneak in a 3 week holiday/exploration of Europe before our shows in France.  I left so full of excitement, dreaming about what I want to get from this trip:

I want to learn to make cheese in Italy.

I want to see a self-sufficient organic farm in action.

I want to learn some French, Italian and Korean meals that I can make at home and add to our family’s food culture.

I want to walk in a mediaeval village and feel the essence of times past.

I want to do great shows at the festival Clin d’Oeill.

I want to learn to draw better.  My commitment for this trip is to keep a visual illustrated journal.  What you see here is my first page… stay tuned for more.

We are going to meet Sergio again in Italy – he is the man who started me on this entire puppet journey when I bumped into him on the street in Guatemala several years ago.  His puppet show was so beautiful, and he took the time to show me how to articulate and build marionettes.  This encounter changed my entire life and now I’m travelling the world with a puppet show, thanks to him!  He speaks only Spanish, I know only English, so we have no language in common.  But every now and then we send each other photos or DVDs of what we’re doing.  Finally I will see him again and I can’t wait – I feel there’s so much more I could learn from him.  So I hope I will find new inspiration from seeing him again.

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